Internacional expansion

From its HQ in Spain and a branch office in Chile, IM2 is currently immersed in a solid internationalization plan, focused on the development of its growing portfolio in the LATAM region, as well as the penetration of the African continent, both of them offering great potential in terms of PV opportunities.

We are exploring business opportunities in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Argentina and Mexico. All these countries are focusing their energy policies on the incorporation of clean energy sources to parent power companies, offering the opportunity to develop the photovoltaic sector.

The medium-term objective is to have a portfolio of projects throughout the region allowing diversification of risk to our customers, where security, legal, technical and economic criteria prevail.

Present in Chile

Since early 2012 our Chilean division is operational with the aim of developing those work areas in which we have gained experience during more than 10 years we have been working on the European market.

Chile meets all the conditions to make its solar photovoltaic market one of the mainstays in our internationalization strategy. Legal certainty and economic stability, coupled with exceptional conditions of solar resources, has allowed us to bet on this market, with a degree of permanence in the long term.

We have a local team prepared to develop the business on the commercial level as well as on the technical one.


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