Timeline Stories

We developed and built two solar power plants, with a total capacity of 6,8MWp: SOL and LUNA, located in Coquimbo Region (Chile). ECOSOLAR, swiss family office, and DCIF, Danish Climate Investment Fund, are the co-investors for these projects.

We are still growing and increasing our international presence! We are currently developing a huge project in Equatorial Guinea, a 200 KW PV system combined with two generators, with which a high diesel saving is achieved by the end consumer. The uniqueness of this project is based on the establishment of a mini-grid with no…

We are still adding value to our business, incorporating commercialization of photovoltaic assets through investment vehicles, where a group of private investors are involved. Thus, IM2 has consolidated itself as one of the leading companies nationwide in the photovoltaic industry, thanks to its wide range of activity.

We give life to one of our most emblematic and largest national solar photovoltaic installations: the solar plant in Sollana (Valencia). With an output of 2735.36 kWp, it has become one of the most representative icons of IM2 Solar.

IM2 is the company that installed the first rooftop solar power park in Spain, held in the country’s largest shopping mall: Mall Bonaire (Aldaia, Valencia). This installation has become a benchmark for shopping centers and sector companies.

Due to the large growth of our company, we moved to our current offices located in the center of Valencia, with more than 250 m2 for commercial management. That great empty space would soon be full of new professionals serving solar energy.