Project progress in the Metropolitan Region of Chile

The photovoltaic project with more than 11,200 solar panels will produce the same energy as the  annual consumption of 4,710 homes and will be finished in a few months

A few months ago we announced the signing of two new photovoltaic projects in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, just 40 km away from its capital Santiago.

As we mentioned before, the projects are developed under the PGMD scheme (Small Distributed Generation Media) and are being developed on solar trackers with the objective of maximizing the energy production in each of the parks.

During these months, we have been progressing in the developement of both projects, performing multiple design and engineering work as well as logistics and coordination tasks. Project ends is foreseen to be taken between nexts months.

The photovoltaic plants will be composed of 11,200 modules each installed on solar trackers that will allow to generate 3MW. Annually, it is estimated that the new photovoltaic parks will produce an amount of electricity equivalent to the consumption of 4,710 homes.

Below you can find some pictures of the evolution of both projects during these months :


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