Colombian Congress on renewable energies

We attended the 1st International Meeting on Renewable Energies in Colombia

Last March, the First International Meeting on Renewable Energies was held in Riohacha (Colombia), to which we were pleased to attend. The event was organized by the Association of Renewable Energies of Colombia (SER), the World Energy Council (WEC) and the National Federation of Departments (FND).

The event was attended by great personalities and representatives of the sector in the country. Both businessmen and politicians came from both the Colombian and international panorama.

As we mentioned before, the city chosen was Riohacha as it is one of the areas with most potential for renewable energy sources development in the country.

The main objective was to analyze the impact of non-conventional renewable energies on Colombia since its government affirms that these energies must become an instrument that guarantees the country’s energy security.

Colombia’s electricity system is quite weak since the country is very vulnerable to climatic events, this causes a strong investment in renewable energies by the government as it is the only way to strengthen the Colombian Interconnected System.

Among the different topics discussed during the congress, the most outstanding were:

  • The policies that the country is carrying out to include renewable energies.
  • Analysis of the alternatives of expansion mechanisms for the inclusion of non-conventional renewable energies in Colombia.
  • Perspectives in expansion, generation, transmission and distribution for renewables energies. 
  • The social and environmental impact of the incorporation of renewable energies.
  • Financing for renewables projects
  • Future prospects for the renewable energy sector in Colombia

It is important to highlight that de Latin American country has been applying diverse policies during these years in order to encourage renewable energies such as: reduction of taxes on investments and also on the income of non-conventional renewable energy projects. Also the machinery used on the projects has been excluded from VAT and been excluded as well from tariff taxes.

Colombia is therefore a country that presents a great opportunity for the industry since it is betting very strongly on the sources of non-conventional renewable energies.

Although the country has a long way to go, it is clear from this and many other sectoral meetings, that there is a growing interest in promoting the use of renewable energy as its happening in other Latin American countries.

congreso energias renovables colombia

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